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Redundancy and Transitional Support

Redundancy is a life-changing event. Planning for the future is important. Everyone is unique and redundancy may present a range of challenges depending on your individual circumstances. It is important that you take time to consider the likely impact of redundancy on you as an individual and are supported in understanding and accessing appropriate support mechanisms to help you manage such change. This requires careful thought and planning.

Communitas actively supports its Members under threat of redundancy by providing Information, Advice & Guidance, re-training and referral to recruitment and transitional support services specific to individual needs.

We will work with you to understand your specific needs starting with an Information, Advice and Guidance interview (IAG) with one of our personal advisers, usually at your place of work.

Upon completion of your IAG, your personal adviser will signpost you to relevant training and support services specific to your needs and wherever possible we will access funding to support with the cost of re-training.

Some areas you may need to consider:

Coping with change

Managing financial impact (contacting your bank and mortgage provider etc.)

Coping with lifestyle change

Future employment (finding work, self-employment)

Contact us if you are at risk, or are being made redundant