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Case Study

NDT Inspection Engineer

Tonys letter to England 3 Manager Tom Davis after retraining:

Mr Davis

My name is Tony Wilson and I would just like to thank you and your organisation for the invaluable help and advice I have received, to say nothing of the funding towards my career advancement.
I was made redundant from Corus tubes in Hartlepool some 4 years ago and was given help and guidance plus encouragement to retrain as an NDT inspection engineer.

Since achieving my qualifications, I have been in almost constant employment not only in this country but also abroad.I think that it is also worth mentioning that my earning potential has taken off in a way that I sometimes find hard to believe.Instead of me looking for employment, employers are constantly beating a path to my door which is nice.I would also like to thank your colleague Mr Angus from the Middlesbrough office who was never too busy to offer advice. His help will always be very much appreciated.

I would like to wish you and your organisation all the very best for the future not only from me but also from my family.

Thank you

Tony Wilson.

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Tony Wilson

Darren Campbell