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"To be successful you need a good learning provider and a good working relationship with the company we are fortunate to have both of these”.

Carl Anthony (Community ULR)

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Case Study - Darren Campbell

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Case Study

Darren Campbell has worked for Vaillant for 7 years and is an integral member of Ultracom 2 team in A flow department.

After learning about IT at school he has not undertaken any formative learning since this time, until he heard of an IT course which was running at Vaillant in partnership with the company, Community Union, Communitas and The Learning Zone. The course had been advertised and promoted by one of his work colleagues Carl Anthony who is the ULR for Community union.

Left to right:

Carl Anthony ULR, Darren Campbell, and Colin Daws Communitas

Since joining the course, which he is making good progress towards ECDL (European Computer Driving License), he has gained confidence in the use of IT and has directly gained skills which he has been able to put into use immediately.

 “I found the course to be what I expected. I am learning skills which I can pass onto my children.”
Darren is able to learn at his own pace and can fit his learning around the time he works and spends with his children.

For the last two months he has been learning about web page design and has put his new gained skills into practice by creating a web page for his wife’s business. He has been able to create a domain and link his web page to Google and Facebook, so that the search engine can be used to generate business.

Darren has been able to use his new skills at work to create more effective flow charts, diagrams and spreadsheets to enable him to analyse company data in order to present the information to work colleagues.

Darren has stated “The new skills I have gained have the potential for a substantial affect on my life for the better.”

Carl Anthony (Community ULR) comments

"To be successful you need a good learning provider and a good working relationship with the company we are fortunate to have both of these. But it’s all about the people who are learning.,

Colleagues like Darren inspire me to want to do better and get me out of my bed in a morning and come to work?"

Gary Andrews (HR Vaillant Boilers) comments

"With the increased use of computers and technology within our assembly plant the company has continually supported our ULR in encouraging shop floor staff like Darren to improve their IT skills. As a result individuals have not only learnt how to switch a computer on but are now able to surf the web and access the company intranet which then improves their awareness of the organization, our business and our markets. Darren has now taken these new found skills and not only applied them to his work but also his home life resulting in a more involved, engaged and skilled worker who will continue to add value to Vaillant for many years to come.."

Basic ICT training, including the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) will arm the workforce with skills that will enable them to apply for jobs online as well as making them more employable within the job market as a whole.

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Tony Wilson

Darren Campbell